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Ms Barickman helped me through a very difficult time.  Despite counseling in the past, I was never able to overcome the real issues at hand.  Because of her sensitivity, personal experience, and genuine concern, I was able to open up and finally acknowledge and mourn a troubled past and move on with normalcy and hope for a positive future. Amy (not her name)

I want to take this time to share what you have taught me and how you have been there.  Our personalities may be different but you have been there this whole time since I started with you.  Your patience has let me open up on subjects that I didn't feel I could.  The quiet times of me just sitting there and you letting me just process.  The questions that you asked at times have helped me open up and get the things out.  The examples when we have talked about mom that you helped me understand and process.  The discussion on sex that we have had has help so much.  In a way I feel that we were able to work together on these issues because of your compassion, patience, love and hugs.  Your sharing about God also helped.  You always asking me if I understand and if not you explain so I can understand and I don't feel stupid letting you know I don't. (Former client)

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